Spark Plug Set

Spark Plug Set
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Product Details

I. Application

The repair kit can used for the damaged inserts in some ares: car, bicycle, motorcycle and machine.

II. The ways to use: 

1. the damaged threaded hole is enlarged by the specified drill bit, then using the special ST tap to tap the thread according to the specification.

2.  using a special tool to fit the stainless steel thread insert into the threaded bottom hole so as to form a standard internal thread matching with the original one.

III. Advantages:

Improve the wear-resisting and the ability to withstand temperature difference.
Lengthen the life of service.
Strengthen the intensity of thread and avoid tripping and disordering.

Specification:   Condition:100% new
Color:         Bronze & Black
Material:       Metal

The repair kit has 15 inserts : 5bronze 1.7cm inserts; 5 black 1.7cm inserts; 5 black 1.1cm inserts. And a spark plug tap.

The spark plug length is 7.1cm

Note: 1) All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be small deviations.
2) Please make sure the size and the shape of this item are fit for your car before purchase.
3) Tap is designed for aluminum heads only.



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