Spiral-fluted Taps

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The wire thread insert tap is also referred to as " st taps" ( wherein " st" is abbreviated from the English " corkscrew" ), which is a special tap for processing the wire thread insert mounting holes, and the structural dimensions are manufactured according to the national standards, such as GB - 83, of the Fine machine and hand wire, which may be used as well. 

The wire thread insert tap can be divided into light alloy machine, hand tap, common steel machine, hand tap and special tap. 

1. light alloy machine and hand tap: for non-ferrous metal alloys such as Alcan, magnesium alloy and copper alloy, the pitch is less than 2.5 mm and the pitch is greater than 2.5 mm and the pitch is double. 

Marking method: STD × p st is a special internal thread code for wire thread insert. 

Marking example: the special tap for the processing and installation specification of 8 × 1. 25 wire thread insert bottom outlet thread is used on light alloy, marked as st8 × 1. 25

2. common steel machine and hand tap: the internal thread used in the metal materials such as steel, cast iron, cast steel, etc., is a double tap. 

3. special taps can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of customers. for example, in soft aluminum, copper upside and upside, hand press tap, special machine tap for single common steel tapping, tap for stainless steel, flat bottom tap for blind hole, screw tap, thread tap, etc.


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