Electric Power Tool

Electric Power Tool
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How to use power tools

1  Using the electric power tool carefully, do not drop it or be impacted. It is best to use a balancer to hang it up when using it.

2 When replacing the installation tool, you must first confirm that the power switch is in the “OFF” position and pull the power plug out of the socket.

3  Adjust the torque according to the specification model. Generally, it has been adjusted according to the specifications required by customers when it leaves the factory.The adapter spindle nut is locked according to the depth of the  sleeve installed. The two positioning nuts must be locked to each other. It can be measured with a vernier caliper, which is positioned to expose the front end of the adapter and the length of the adapter mandrel to locate the desired thread depth.

4 Insert the adapter mandrel into the sliding slot of the main unit, adjust the direction of the notch on the outer sleeve of the adapter according to the customer's needs. The direction of the notch should be convenient for the operator to put the handle sleeve; use the adapter fixing nut to lock the adapter.

5 Transfer the direct-reverse switch to the reverse “R” position and press the starter device. When the adapter mandrel is screwed to the notch longer than the length of the required wire sleeve,Release the starter device and  transfer the direct-reverse switch to the forward "F" position, put the mounting handle wire screw sleeve into the notch, and the mounting handle of the shank sleeve is forward, and the wrench with the shank sleeve is vertically aligned with the threaded bottom hole of the threaded sleeve. Press the starting device and screw in the shank. When the thread depth set by the positioning device is reached, the power tool will pause due to the position. At this time, do not release the starting device. The power tool will automatically rotate in the opposite direction to exit the threaded hole. Go to the original location and the installation is complete.

6 If you need to rotate in one direction during installation, just switch the forward/reverse switch to the “F” or “R” position in the direction of rotation and click on the starter.