no tang thread insert thread repair kit

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    No Tang Insert Thread Repair Kits is used for blind hole installation, and it also can avoid many problems, for example, with a free running thread insert,due to handle adhering to the screw, it is very troublesome to take out the tang after installation and finishing breaking off tang, small sizes in particular, which exerts bad influence on installation efficiency and usage of thread insert.But the installation tool of no tang insert is as same as that of free running thread insert.

One end of a no tang insert is like cone that stands at two or three coils, and its installation tool is threaded core shaft that will coordinate with cone end of no tang insert to screw an insert into a blind hole, which is quite simple. After installation, the cone end will be right in the guiding parts of thread hole, which can be a better way to improve embedding force of threading insert, meanwhile, the installation  will not affect the usage of the effective length of a bushing.

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The no tang thread insert thread repair kit


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