High Quality Self Tapping Coil Inserts For Aluminum

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Product Details

Self Tapping Inserts provide permanent wear-resistant threads in a wide range of materials, from tough to tap, high strength steels to brittle plastics.

By tapping its own thread, Self tapping insert eliminates the need for pre-tapped holes.


1. Self tapping

2. no pre-tapping required

3. Very high pull-out resistance

4. Highly resistant to vibration, can withstand vibration without loosening

5.Produces high quality, permanent,wear-resistant threads

6. Unlimited thread re-usability

7. Protects expensive components from damage

8. Easy to install, standard taps can be used

9. Wide variety of styles to fit almost every application

Installation process:

 Drilling→Tapping→Installing→Breaking off tang


 1.Drill: used for drilling the base holes

 2. taps: used for the processing special internal thread of the base holes. 

 3.Installation tools: put sets into the threaded hole.

 4.Break-off tools: break off the tang of thread insert.

 5.Extraction tools: used for removing the damaged thread insert from the threaded hole.


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