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1.brief introduction

English name: Keys inserts

Chinese name: bolt nut

Bolt is a kind of inside and outside has a screw thread, external thread on four root

 or 2 pin key (below M6) special fasteners. Bolt screw set into the base hole of tapping

 after, again put four bolt pressure, have strong fastening effect. Products are mainly 

used in military industry, aerospace, railway locomotive, vibration machinery strength 

of screw thread on the product of high demand.

Keys inserts bolt is the most basic function of a screw repair internal thread and strengthen

 the external thread. Keys inserts  bolt as a kind of a screw thread repair method, to quickly

 and efficiently to repair the damaged thread; Applied in low strength of material, 

can greatly enhance the strength of the threaded hole.

2. structure

1, 2 to 4 fixed button

2, sheath material for C1215 steel, and phosphate antirust processing

3, fixed key made from 302 stainless steel

4, easy to install and remove

3. classification

Threaded models can be divided into: 1, according to the metric system, coarse thread, fine teeth.

2, according to a screw type can be divided into: light, thin, heavy, and track

4. material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, nickel

Five, the surface treatment

Silver plated, cadmium plated, dry film lubricantkey locking insert

key-locking inserts for metals