Hex Drill And Tap Thread Repair Kit With Black Box

Product Details

Product description:

Thread Repair Kits with black box contain a good quality Hex tap, a good quality Hex drill, a good quality installation tool, a good quality simple spanner and precision stainless steel inserts. As shown  bleow:



The present drills and taps  are better than before. Because this new kind of  thread repair kits are now not only suitable for manual but also for electric and pneumatic applications and etc. This kind of thread repair kit is a new type thread repair kit with Hex tap and drill for good performance and easy use.  In a short , this is a new type of kit that is newly developed by our company and is more convenient than before. And we also have many colors of it, such as red, blue, dark blue.



We can also customize it for you.

The delivery time is 3-5 days after the payment.


Changling is a famous Thread Insert factory with manufacturer direct sale products and ISO certification, welcome to wholesale wire hex drill and tap thread repair kit with black box from us.